Employer Tips for Working With a Staffing Agency or Recruiter

Hiring employers have asked and the team at RapidHire tries to answer — what are the best tips for working with a staffing agency? There are thousands of staffing agencies in the market and when it comes to finding the right candidate for your job opportunity it is important to work with the right staffing agency that will save you time and costs. The RapidHire team spent time scouring the internet for popular tips for working with staffing agencies and recruiters, then analyzed the advice and provided some more insight.

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17 Ways Recruiters Can Reduce Hiring Bias

Companies may fall short of their diversity goals. Recruiters often contend that they can’t find diverse candidates for interviews. It could be news, but the US is having a Census for 2020. The data directly contradicts the position that there are just no diverse candidates applying! Could that be true, or is there an underlying reason that a recruiter would not necessarily see a candidate?

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Pandemic 2020: The Rise of Temp Recruitment

With the ‘new normal’ starting to take shape, radically changed market conditions disguise chances for smart perm (perm placement, permanent placement) recruiters to ride a mounting surge in temporary staffing needs.

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