Healthcare Temp Labor Software Company, Debuts New Pay Package Calculator for Recruiters Amidst COVID19 Medical Staffing Boom

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlueSky Medical Staffing Software’s newest product,, a Pay Package Calculator for Recruiters, has debuted this week in limited markets amidst one of the most challenging periods for the healthcare industry.

RapidHire Tool takes the guesswork out of recruiting to jobs as it instantly calculates margins, burdens, and take-home pay. It’s web-based, mobile-friendly and intuitive enough for recruiters of all experience levels. It allows for state-by-state burden configurations for accurate margin analysis for any assignment. Since it can be used via mobile devices or any Internet-enabled device, the user has maximum freedom for generating solid placement proposals. In today’s healthcare staffing industry, speed to placement is critical, and RapidHire Tool is designed to do just that.

In an industry that capitalizes on placement times, RapidHire Tool provides a massive advantage to those that leverage it in their placements and in accepting contingent job offers. Nurse recruiters can accommodate flexible stipends in their calculations within seconds, recalculate and send to the candidate directly in the same view. Nurses and candidates are also able to compare and contrast the pay packages they’re receiving, gaining transparency in a murky market.

Learn more about RapidHire Tool for Recruiters (

President of BlueSky Tim Teague says, “Gone are the days when macro-enabled spreadsheets were the only way to deliver an accurate pay package. Companies want to see margins, recruiters want to see their value, and healthcare workers want to see their take-home pay in real-time.

BlueSky Synergy is the overhead company and brand that manages BlueSky Medical Staffing Software (, Nurse Backpack ( and RapidHire Tool (

BlueSky Medical Staffing Software is an applicant tracking system, vendor management system, staff scheduling system and invoice/payroll tool combined into one suite for the healthcare contingent labor management. It benefits many industries and meets varying needs as well, solving a plethora of expensive operational problems in business and organizations.



RapidHire Tool is a mobile-friendly web-based application for recruiters and staffing agencies.  This pay package calculator allows customizable and accurate pay package calculations that managers can control, recruiters can access anywhere, and RapidHire expedites the entire offer process to increase SPEED to market – and we all want to feed our hungry recruiters with good PBJs.

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