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Introducing RapidHire Tool, the recruiter pay package calculator.  Built with flexibility, commission and contingent staffing in mind, RapidHire Tool is available now.

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Easy to use

The default calculation settings are configured at a Company level and customizable to each user.


Real Time

Click and drag a sliding scale to see what impact a stipend increase had on the pay package, in real time and visually.


Daily Report

If you want to see what your recruiters are up to, check out the package deployment history and offer listings.

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It’s about time you stop checking each team members spreadsheet formulas. Why are you keeping this on a shared public document? Do you even see what your team sends off? 

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Cover all the bases.

Visually chart each piece of the puzzle with the pay package pie chart in each job negotiation.


Brand pay packages + send in a flash.

You don't need to spend hours with a designer or a tech-person to get a logo on this document. Ditch the drag and drops, this is click and play.


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RapidHire Tool is backed by popular recruiter software BlueSky and Nurse Backpack.


Health Clinics

See what the burden and MSP rate will take off the top, and see why nurses are always looking around!


Hiring Agencies

Compete, and quickly!


Registered Nurses

You're going to like setting the floor for their ceiling in negotiations.

How it works

Cutting-edge data visualization at your fingertips.

RapidHire Tool is a mobile ready pay-package calculator that you can customize with your own margins.  Instead of a spreadsheet or template you have to open and load all the time, we built a quick access tool that works pretty much like your calculator on your phone, but with programmed formulas for your margins and packages.